Today SYDERIC assembles and sells the brands SYDERIC, SYDMASTER and SYRETTE, to dealers all over the world ..

SYDERIC for industry : quality, precision and reliability

SYDMASTER for maintenance : machine tools with full equipment for professional request

SYRETTE for pro : The best value , Machines for individual workshop, and artisan

Syderic strongly selects it’s suppliers , to insure the availability of the spare parts, the after sales service is present for answering at all request .

At last, SYDERC has an important stock of VERNIERs spare parts manufactured until 2003 (knee type : FV and bed type milling machine DB) .

History of the company

1941 : Creation of the first machines designed by Frederic Sylvestre, on brand SYDEX.

1946 : trademark SYDERIC , for hand Tools , machine tools , and various devices.

Begining of the production in Lyon factory.

The company grows up quickly and become well knows abroad

In the 50s : creation of new machines (radial drilling machine, band saws..) to answer on need of the customers .

1954 : Syderic become a public limited company, at this period Syderic build and sold PEUGEOT, SILEX and VAL D’OR brands.

Années 60 : Syderic creates new models (milling and drilling machines, grinding machines, sharpening machine, drill press for stone and glass) . The company files patents (ex : 1971 – patent for a variable speed with expandable pulleys).

1973 : shareholder change, and Syderic become a sister company of G.VERNIER (milling machine manufacturer) and moves from Lyon to La Trinité .

1978 : Creation of SYRETTE brand, and development of trading range.

1981 : Creation of a multi purpose machine MU200 (drilling, milling and lathe) lead by a PC.

1989 : Syderic become a subsidiary company of CAZENEUVE and cooperates in the creation of CATO group (1994 – French Leader of machine tools company in France) .

1997 : First electronical variable speeds drilling machine.

2004 : Creation of SYDMASTER brand.

Increase of the catalog with products like horizontal band saw, bench grinders, circular saw ….

2011 : shareholders change.


SYDERIC for industry : quality, precision and reliability.