Professional tools made in France

Syderic drill press are made in our factory with industrial partners , on our own research and design. All the partners have the best tools to answer on our quality request.

Imported products are selected after test, safety control and agreement of the supplier. We (or our agent) are visiting our Suppliers . Syderic develops partnership with them, to guarantee the quality and availability of the spare parts.


SYDERIC for industry : quality, precision and reliability

SYDMASTER for maintenance : machine tools with full equipment for professional request

SYRETTE for pro : The best value , Machines for individual workshop, and artisan


70 years of experience

Since 1946 Syderic designs and creates machines for drilling and sawing.

The best materials

The Choice of raw materials is rigorous

For Professional

With its various ranges Syderic answers to the various needs of a workshop


Syderic, a complete range of machines from home workshop to industry.